We have finally moved in.


We have made it, to retirement!!!!!! To our house in Nevada, we have a little bit left to do in the spare bedroom. One is finished, the other is pending…. Walt is working furiously (for him in retirement) to get the garage squared away. He was given a wood stove by a neighbor across the street from us in Manteca and he has a whole week that the weather men are saying no rain so he trying to get the stove pipe in the roof so he has some warmth in the winter when he out there.

I am making plans for my garden. The 1st picture is where my raised garden bed will be. Walt says that way you can see it from the kitchen and go out the slider to pick what ever you want and not have to go all the way around and it is right off the kitchen so in case you have dirty shoes. We will have to put some sort of fencing around it, otherwise the quail and the rabbits and other animals will get it long before we will. I am going to start putting the raised bed together with Walt beginning of spring, for ca folks that would be March and April, for Nevada folks that doesn’t start till may. So somewhere between March and May. We will plant somewhere after that. I found out that garlic should be planted now and then comes up in the spring. So I planted it now, will see how it all goes! The second picture is some parsley and some oregano at the grocery part of Walmart. I used some the other day in some veggie soup.

I am so excited about starting my garden, I love to play in the dirt. I am already trying to educate Walt on Round up, HIS favorite thing to use on the ground…. NO-NO-NO not in my garden. There are plenty of natural things to use. Did you know Round-up has been known to cause tumors? especially in pets. cornmeal sprinkled in the garden is taken by the ants to their home and then expands and kills them when they drink water and your pets eat it and it wont hurt them. corn starch is put on the “PLANTS” will keep the plants from germinating seeds. Now I say plants because use it carefully otherwise your plants you want to germinate wont. only put it on the weeds.


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