Herbs and Lettuces

We go to this wonderful steak house occasionally for dinner. It is about 10 min away at the casino. You can go in your shorts and flip flops. The salad they serve with dinner…. I have always liked, very ruffly, tastes great without leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Finally I found a salad mix with that in it, looked up every lettuce mentioned in the ingredients list and found out it is called a “Frisee”, now I need to find out if it will grow here. I also like Arugula but not real fond of the peppery aftertaste and of course Iceberg, but iceberg isn’t as healthy for you. Did you know that most lettuces will grow back, cut what you need and leave the rest. That is money saving as well as healthy. Make sure when you get your lettuces you get non-hybrid, hybrids won’t grow back.

Frisee lettuce nutrient is –  vitamin A content maintains healthy eyes, moistens the skin, and acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals in the body that would otherwise damage cells. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant. It is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, and immune health. Vitamin K’s primary role is to prevent blood loss by forming blood clots, but it also helps to link calcium to bone. Folic acid is involved with a number of reactions, including energy production, and nerve cell development. It is one of the most essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. Manganese as well serves a number of functions, from body metabolism to brain health. – See more at: http://www.healthguideinfo.com/healthy-eating/p44636/#sthash.8IXZnub6.dpuf
this is the lettuce i have been trying to find for a while now.
this is the lettuce i have been trying to find for a while now.

Currently I have parsley, oregano and basil growing in my kitchen window sill. Now this is the 3rd basil I have tried to grow. They keep dieing. Everything I have read says they are easy to grow? Well I now have it sitting in a pot of water. It also says to keep it moist…. but I really didn’t think it needed to be that moist. I made a chicken soup last night and was excited to be able to clip fresh Parsley and Oregano and Basil to put in it. Organic chicken broth – carrots, red and white potatoes, onion and of course chicken, I pan fried it with salt, pepper, garlic and a hint of chili powder. It was REALLY good.

Did you know there is a herb called “Salad Burnet” ? In a podcast I was watching the lady said that in the winter the leaves tastes like Cucumber and in the summer they taste like watermelon….  how cool is that? A double duty herb. Salad burnet is a member of the rose (Rosaceae) family. The plant is an attractive perennial grown for both its edible leaves and its medicinal properties. Medicinally, it was once used against the Plague and to control hemorrhaging, but today it is mostly know, medicinally, for its astringent properties. For more information on this wonderful herb……  http://gardening.about.com/od/herbsatoz/p/Salad-Burnet-Growing-And-Using-The-Herb-Salad-Burnet.htm.


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